Morning woke up decided to surf some net before work today, turned on my eeepc and tried to surf. No connection, can't even find my network. Tried to go to the router's admin page and logged in. My password didn't work, siao liao. On my desktop also tried to go into the admin page also didn't work.

No choice gotta go to work (haha today's work is called chinese new year shopping). Came back from chinese new year shopping, tried to reset it (hold the reset button for 30s). Pop in the cd and voila can go to the admin page. After fiddling around for 45 mins manage to get my internet up again.

For those using the Linksys modems on Singnet hopefully the below steps will help you.

To reset, push down reset button for 30s.

If you have the cd pop into the cd rom drive and go through the installation procedure. When it reaches the part about your DSL User and password. Remember to type @singnet for User and your password. If not you might just find that you connection don't work if you just type the part, remember to add the @singnet after your user name. I spent quite sometime trying to figure out what combination to use, and it didn't help that the modem didn't quite react the same way each time.

If you don't have the cd and need to configure manually, hopefully the settings below will help you.

Singnet Settings for Linksys modems