In Genting there are only a few things that you can do; Casino, Theme Park, A bit of shopping, watch a movie, eat.

There are I think 2 casinos in Genting, the main difference is the size of it. As we reached Genting quite early in the morning, our rooms were not ready yet and most of the shops were not open so there was really not much you could do there except eat and play at the casino.

I have never been to a Casino in my life so far, so it was an interesting experience. The first thing that i noticed were that the people working at the tables were generally quite young. And apparently in Genting they provide accommodation for people who works there so they can cut down on the commute to work (its about an hour just trying to get down from the hill).

That made me think about the IR that Singapore is going to have in a few years time, will it be staffed by mostly young adults? There is no doubt that the IR industry is going to take off in a big way in Singapore (Just look at the courses that keep appearing in the newspapers that advertise diplomas in IR management). Food
Well there is a quite a variety of food here from fast food (Mac, KFC, Burger King) to slow food (Food courts, Kenny Rogers etc) and coffee places (Starbucks, Coffee Bean). Quite a lot of stuff available here.

There is a mushroom farm, located about 15 mins walk down the hill, from First World go out towards the bus terminal and just follow the road down hill, u will see a cluster a zinc roof houses, that is where the Mushroom Farm is. Alternatively, the farm does have transport avaliable, think you need to call ahead to book it, pick up at First World hotel.

The food there is typical "Zhi Cha" with the exception that they do have quite a variety of mushroom dishes. They also sell mushrooms like the straw mushroom, oyster mushroom etc. Food is not bad, and cheap. But the climb up is quite tiring though. You can get a ride u the hill just wait outside the restaurant there should be a mini van that could take u up for free.

Theme Park
During the period we were there, we were plague by small pockets of rain now and then. The queue for the rides were long (We were there on a sat), they do have some interesting rides like the vertical drop kind, a superman kind of ride where u lie horizontally like a superman and you feel like you are flying (sort of like a roller coaster), roller coasters (2 of them) and lots of kiddy rides too.

Overall Genting was probably a nice place to go, but the limited activity you can do there makes for a short stay there probably not more then 2nights or it could get really boring.