Last weekend (29 Feb 08 to 2 Mar 08), my friends (4 of them) and my wife to be friends (3 of them), all nine of us went to Genting Highlands for some R and R.

We booked from Transtar opting for their "Premium" service bus, basically 24 seats, single deck to Genting and 33? seats double deck on the way back.

So the day arrived, I prepared by trying not to drink any tea or coffee and trying to keep water to a minimum (There are no toilets on the bus and its a seven hour trip).

Anyway I was abit worried that the customs check might take abit long due to the escaped prisoner Mas Selamat.

Sitting comfortably/dear posing with Transtar blanket

So the 9 of us set off at 1030pm for Genting, the bus was comfortable, better then some airline economy seats that I have been on. And as expected, the customs point at Singapore was jammed. We took about 2 hours just to get past the check point.

We stopped over at Yong Peng at about 2:30am for a small break and reached Genting about 6-7am in the morning, about 1 1/2 hr later then schedule (the schedule was to reach at about 5:30am).

On the way up to Genting, u can really start to appreciate Singapore roads, the streets were mostly unlighted and on the winding road up, there were no lights and u can see the oncoming lights of the cars whizzing by.

To be continued...