Wao, Micheal Bay's Tranformer was great, watched it at Cathay AMK Hub on Sunday. But first before talking about Transformers lets talk about the journey to watch it.

The Journey Begins
On Saturday tried GV website, keep saying busy so couldnt really get tickets, if i was lucky i was able to get as far as selecting the seats but that's about it, the next page where your are suppose to confirm and pay never did appear, GV should think about their ticketing website, cause when the demand is high it never seems to be able to cope. So didnt get to watch it on Sat.

Sun, tired GV but also busy so tried Cathay, wao fast immediately was able to book tickets and so went to watch but.... At the booking counter the queue was longer than that of the buying queue.!??!?!! Queued up about 20mins just to get tics, if i was not there earlier i could have missed the starting of the movie!

Now finally to the brief review, it was a great movie!! Although the movie didn't really looked like anything from my youth, but i think i agree with Micheal Bay that if it looked like the old Tranformers they will probably looked weird and out of place, the story was good but i think the ending could be abit better (It ended too abruptly for my taste). But the characters looked cool. Megatron looked really evil. All in all a good show.

Now i think this will be the next big movie if the movie is as good as the trailer that i saw. It was simply hilarious, just go to youtude and type "simpson spider pig" or "simpson movie trailer" to see what i mean.