Last weekend was a busy weekend, there was the PC Show and a friends ROM.

Lets talk about the PC Show, got me self a Prolink Wireless Desktop set with Keyboard, mouse, Prolink Webcam and a Acer laptop.

The Prolink Desktop set is the one using the 2.4ghz band with 16 channel hopping so u get less interference, the mouse and keyboard all have extra keys to help u. For example the mouse has a back and forward button for web browser use. The mouse also has a button for switching between 800dpi and 1600 dpi modes. I generally find the mouse quite comfortable to use (I have big hands) and i so far have no problems with it. They keyboard i haven used much as i still have my MS Keyboard attached to my computer. The keyboard keys' height is shorter than my MS Keyboard but overall feel is still ok, i like the volume control (looks like a wheel). Overall i find it a reasonable buy at 59$.

I also got a Prolink Webcam, the PC9000. The webcam cost $12 well for the price u shouldn't really expect too much, it has a mic built in so its great for doing video conferencing and stuff but the real downer is the webcam it self, if u are like me living in a HDB flat where u most likely have flourecent lighting in ur house, u will find the webcam's picture to be generally dark, even after u tweaked the exposure settings, this webcam is only meant to be use for a bright and sunny room in the day. Spend some money get something better from logitech or genius or creative. U get what u paid for.

Well for the laptop, as all last days of PC Shows or Comexs go usually vendors will slash price or ive more freebie or do both on the last day, surprising i didnt find too many vendors slashing prices on the last day. But Acer was probably one of the big slashers, most of their laptops were going for 200$ below the first day price and they even added another GB of ram for some models. So i got one specs are :
Core 2 Duo1.64MHZ,
2 GB ram (After free GB),
Geforce 7600/7700 with 128MB
and 120MB harddisk

All for 1598. Its preloaded with VISTA seems ok to use, except i prefer the older "Start" where the program are easier to select and the button bigger too, and the "power" button instead of shutting down outs it in hibernate mode, u gotta go to the > button to shutdown. Not very intutive. Haven try to configure it .

As for the ROM haha lets leave it for the next posting...