Wa another month has past since my last post, judging by how often i post, i think i can rename my blog to "Stephen's Once a Month Rant".

Anyway the purpose today is to talk about golf, eversince i changed my job seems like easier to meet up with my golfing kakis to play golf more often, usually we play at Executive Golf course at Mandai area. But last saturday we tried a new course, the Royal Tanglin Golf Course located at 130 Minden Rd (Just opposite the Singapore Botanical Gardens).

Its a nine hole course all par 3, average abt 80-90m per hole, longest abt 110m. When we first reached there, the people running the course said that we probably only need a P,S,Putter and should be good to go. Haha as lousy golfers we are, we took along a 7 since we aren't too good at it.

The hole emphasizes on a lot of short game skills, the fairways are narrow, the greens are small, and sand bunkers are usually around the greens. So being the lousy golfers that I am, I had a hard time just trying to get on the green since its quite small, thats why short game skills are crucial on this course. The number 5 is probably the toughest.

But amazingly, my golfing kakis and i concluded that this is probably the more fun course that we played so far(The other being executive). Not a lot of people play, the grass is well maintained, quiet, and quite nice beautiful in fact.

The cost for 9 holes is $20 SGD, there are not washing points for ur clubs and shoes, toilet gotta cross the road to a place marked as Dempsy's Hut, but the challange and the well maintained course makes it worthwhile.