This year on August 31st will be the 10th year that me and Wifey got together. She asked me to take leave on Friday (26th Aug) to celebrate our anniversary but she refused to say where only saying that parking will be expensive.

Well the day started off really gloomy with slight drizzling when we left, only when in the car she told me we are going to USS to spend the day.

This is our second time to USS, the first time the Battle Star Galactica Roller coaster was still undergoing testing so we didn't have a chance to try but this time round hopefully the weather clears and we can go try it out. The roller coaster wasn't running when we were there i guess cause of the rain, so we went off and took the other rides that we didn't try or wasn't there when we were last there.

We took the Madagascar kiddy ride, quite fun as the ride was all about the story in the first Madagascar retold in a ride form.

Next we went over to the Shrek section where we took a picture with Puss in Boots and saw the 4D show, the last time Chloe was around with us and Wifey had to leave the place cause Chloe wasn't too keen on staying inside the theater. Wifey was enjoying the experience very much with all the water squirting and the creepy air blowing from your back.

The only character we took a picture with. Puss In Boots!

Next we took the Mummy's Revenge, the indoor roller coaster with an interesting twist, it actually slides backwards at one point. This time somehow we were seated in the front and it is really quite different then when you are seated behind somehow the forces acting on your body seemed much stronger.

Then Wifey spotted the BSG roller coaster running and we made a bee line for it. Haha Wifey very on. We tried the Human one. In short it was quite scary and shiok at the same time, you know the climb up before the drop, the BSG ones instead of slowly climbing up, it accelerates up the slope pretty fast before dropping down. The drop was so long you wonderd when it was going to end, then it was turn after turn and soon it ended, Wifey even commented that it ended abit fast.

After the ride my stomach felt quite weird like everything topsy turvy liaoz. Haha Wifey wanted to immediately go for the next one, but i told her i wasn't feeling too good in the tummy. Think Wifey more brave than me in trying out the roller coaster.

The customary photo at the end of the ride.

The rest of the day was quite peaceful, we had lunch at the Shrek area where we ate wraps and went for the Steven Spielberg special effects show, (It's quite good, must stand on the first row) and the Monster Rock show before calling it a day.

At the cafe near the entrance of USS

Super Mum Award

Super Dad!
I like Choclate Syrup

Wife prefers the Strawberry

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