Some more photo updates.
She is getting quite attached to her little Pooh bear, she use to be v-attach to the Stitch but i guess the Stitch is a bit big and hard to carry around. Now she loves to hug her Pooh bear and wants to go every where with it. Sometimes when we go out we need to convince her that Pooh needs to stay at home and rest haha.

Chloe feeding Pooh

Chloe likes to cook also, at my mum in laws, she will bring out all the pots and pans and play with them, in my house we bought a set of ikea kids utensils for her to play and in my mums place there is a small kitchen set that my sis bought.

She will cook up a storm and ask people to drink tea, eat and that includes feeding her soft toys.

Chloe with her sunglasses and picture book.

Chloe started having an interest in books, she will ask you to take a book and point to different pictures and ask you to read out to her. You must be very attentive when you are doing that (that means no peeking at what's on the tv ah), or she will get cranky and make lots of noise until you give your attention back to her.

Sometimes looking at how Chloe seems to learn things from around her, I worry sometimes that I am not letting her learn enough.

Chloe likes to take pictures with her little camera! (Like her daddy hehe)

This was a little toy that we got from Shokudo Changi Airport when we went there to eat (think it was Mother's day) we ordered a kids meal and this was the little toy that came along with it.

Chloe also likes playing the xylophone.