Every father (or should i say every parent) like to talk about their child's amazing feats as a matter of parental pride, so this is my little rant.
  Anyway Chloe seems to have lots of things to do these days, she can just walk around the house touching things here and there the whole day. It's tiring just trying to keep up with her. Wonder how my mother in law does it.
  These are the interesting things that she
  If you say "yi" (chinese for one) sometimes she will hold out one finger for you.
  Saying the various parts of the head and she will point them out.
  She knows how to put things back, if you tell her to "put back", most of the time anyway.
  If she sees you are going out, she will go take her shoe. She loves to go out kai kai. Haha my mum and mum in law calls her "Huay Kar". She will notice that you are dressed up and try to stick close to u.
  She has quite a few picture books, once she took this book with pictures of insects and garden animals. She flipped to a picture of a snail and give me. I say "SNAIL", she flipped to a picture of a slug and I say "SLUG" then the flipped to the snail again and then the slug again..... (You get the picture)
  She likes music, you know that there is a theme song during the begining of shows? She will pause and listen to the music. Advertisements are also her favourites, the latest cold storage advert is one that can stop her in her tracks. She also like Winx, she can just stop and watch the advert also. Also for MTVs? She can tell roughly when the music will end (if she heard it before) and do the "no more" sign.
  She likes mimicking my mum in law, now she is doing housework. You put her on a table with a cloth, she will try to wipe the table, but quite messy lah. She will take this magic clean thing and walking around the house trying to sweep. Haha hope when she grows up she will still like housework.
  There are signs that she is starting to make meaningful sounds haha words like "careful", "wo yao" (I want), "Yakult" have been known to been heard.

It's amazing how she can tell that the container contains food. I brought back yesterday some baby puffs, she has never seen the bottle before and i tried to pass it off as a shaker to her. Haha she keep pestering me to open it!
Yeap so thats all for now... till next time.