My wife took me out to a movie to celebrate father's day last friday, its been long since we watched a movie together. Well the movie should be called the Kung Fu kid since there wasn't much karate in it. Overall an ok show, haha enjoyed my wife's company more than the show.

Now Chloe and grab the edge of whatever she could find, table, bed headboards and try to stand liao. She just crawled around for i think a month or so and now she wants to stand, haha think she can't wait to walk around unassisted.


When we first got the walker for her she was actually quite afraid of being left inside. But she actually likes to zoom around the room now, we got to put "barriers" so that she don't knock into the telephone, fans and the tv console.

Once I went to my mum in laws house after work, and when she saw me she just walk over smiling.



She still has a bad habit of chewing anything she can put to her mouth though, wonder when it will stop, still has no teeth coming out yet. Haha most of the time we were trying to catch her in the act and substitute for something safer for her to chew on.