Little Chloe has just passed 3 months yesterday. She has grown up quite abit liao. From weighing about 3kg to now about 6.7kg, from 51cm at birth to now 61cm.

She is getting more expressive also, she tends to smile/laugh more when you smile at her. She can make all sorts of sounds now haha you can say she is getting quite talkative nowadays.

When lying on the mattress her hands and legs keep moving until she is tired and wants to sleep. Haha best is she doesn't require so much carrying now.

Last weekend when we are at my parents house, she was feeling sleepy so we pat pat her and she doze off. While we were outside, heard a cry, ah her pacifier dropped off, but when i was about to put in back, she looked at me with her big sad eyes and was making half crying noises like "wa wa wa" (but not crying) like she was very ke lian. She was like telling me that she needed the pacifier back quick.

Wa with her eyes and the noise she is making, can break hearts man.. I quickly replaced the pacifier and patted her back to dreamland.