Haha for most people probably that is nothing, for me it's the first time I made this distance this year. Jogged from my house to punggol and back before going to breakfast with my friends.

Took it nice and slow, just felt like a good day for a run. For those that are interested the route i take is below. Can see somewhere near punggol way i back tracked a bit, haha i lost my way and missed the turning so clocking the "extra" 1km, if not what I planned was 8km. Suppose to see punggol mrt then i turn but with all the construction going on my view was block so i did some extra distance.

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As I jogged pass Compass point and into punggol, really big difference every where there was some construction going on, either building something or clearing up land (to build something). Wonder how many more years to go before a simple clear patch of grass and free growing trees would no longer be present in Singapore.