Found this link from Mr Brown, 100 Things my kids may never know about.

Things are moving so fast that lots of things are either gone or replaced. These are some of the things that my kid probably would never know about.

  1. A real Kampung with animals.
  2. Standing up in a car as a kid in my fathers car to show the police that there were 4 people during the Area Licensing Scheme days.
  3. Walking up a dimly lit old shop house's stairs.
  4. Wooden chairs in schools
  5. Blackboards in Schools.
  6. Wearing shorts in Upper Secondary. (Correct me if there are still secondary schools in Singapore where the upper sec wears shorts)
  7. No remedial classes until Sec 3 or 4.
  8. Some Remedial classes are actually optional.
  9. Report books where the entries are made in ink not printed.
  10. A&W restaurants in Singapore
  11. Bus conductors (not the kind that check whether you got pay, the kind where they issue u tickets)
  12. Bus tickets that are stamped using a hole puncher
  13. Bus Tickets that comes in lots of colors
  14. Paying for bus tickets and getting change back
  15. What dubbing a cassette tape was all about. (Yeap copying songs used to be a pain in the past).
  16. Computers with 8 megs of Ram was consider “powderful”.

Hmm anymore to add ?