Went for my first Antenatal class conducted by Thomson Medical Centre which was recommended by a good friend of mine. If you look at the website you can't really tell what's the cost and where they conduct the lesson. The cost for those not delivering at Thomson is about 235 and the lessons are conducted at Thomson and Ang Mo Kio Hub. Seems like a waste of doing up a webpage if you need to call to find out when is the next class, cost and location though.

It was lucky they had lessons at AMK Hub, quite near my house and my in-laws house so easy to pop over for lessons.

The lessons are conducted at the Little Skool House, need to take off shoes, take tempreature and disinfect our hands and feet. Feet ? haha how to disinfect feet? They have a mat that supposedly when you walk over it will disinfect your feet. Umm no idea if it works or not.

Did the normal registration stuff and there was this lady from Mamil gold ask us to fill in a card and then give us freebies ! A changing mat and some milk samples.

They class was interesting, we went through some nutrition stuff, watch a video on twins breast feeding, did some exercises, the lady went through how to lie down and get up and lastly did some breathing exercise.

So what's the most interesting thing i learnt? Haha I finally found out what Braxton Hicks are and no point raming your head againest the wall.