Programmers love Photography here's a few reasons why

1. They are both technical

Programmers have to deal with technical stuff like the differences between functional, OO or even List vs Hashes.

Similar in photography you will probably know things like Aperture, Shutter, Focus, mega pixels, sensor size.

2. Yet there are endless possibilities.
Programming languages are tools much like cameras, they are simple yet the possibilities are endless.

Camera uses just 2 settings aperture and shutter speed to determine exposure, yet all pictures shot with the same settings are not the same.

Programming languages constructs like the if-else, while and for statements are probably in all programming languages but yet not all programs are alike and not all solutions for the same problems are the same.

3. Recognizing greatness
If you see a nice picture, more often than not the next person will say its nice picture too.

Just like programming if you see an elegant solution to a problem or a framework that is well designed or a library that is simple to use, generally others will agree with you.