Courtesy of my sis, I managed to catch the premiere of Star Trek in Singapore. The people there are quite paranoid about piracy because it's at least a few days before the official screening, so before the show we gotta surrender all handphones, pda, laptops, cameras etc etc. The show started at about 8:45pm.

I gotta say for those who are not Trekkies or just got a wee bit idea of what Star Trek is about, don't worry the show is just as enjoyable.

If you get confused over whether the space ship you see in the show is a Star Destroyer, I will tell you that is not, the Star Destroyer belongs to Star Wars not Star Trek. The space ship you see is the USS Enterprise which the first space shuttle and the first nuclear aircraft carrier in the world is also named.

Without giving too much away, the story is good, the show action packed and before you know it it will be coming to an end.

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