Today marks the 20th week liao, half way there! My wife says that she can feel the baby waking up, moving around and kicking her,especially at night when my wife lie down the wrong way. She say the baby kicks her like she is pressing down on him/her.

After dinner my wife told me the baby woke up and is moving around her and just kicked her, she asked me to put my hand my her tummy see if can feel it. Nothing happen, when I went to the kitchen to get a drink my wife said the baby kicked again. No luck for me.

My wife tells me that the baby can hears sounds, so I should probably talk to him (ok I don't know the sex yet but it's abit irritating to type him/her). So my first feel phrases were like "How are you today", "Got slp good anot", "Must be guai ah". Yesterday my wife suggested maybe I shouldn't ask questions cause he couldn't reply but rather talk, things like "I am your daddy", "The world is round" and stuff like that.

But guess what was the first thing that came out my mouth..... i said (some drumroll please) "LISP is the second oldest high level programming language invented". Yeah I have been thinking of playing around with LISP recently so I thought that would be a good fact to tell my kid.

Perhaps must start reading encyclopedia to him so that he can be smart when he comes out haha. Anyway he will probably know more about nursing since my wife is studying for a Nursing degree now, so he is already attending his first lecture and tutorials.

Next week (hopefully) when we visit KK again, the baby is not too shy and we can see whether is a he/she.