Finished my third Standard Chartered 10km run last Sunday, my advice don't run if you have a sore throat. I felt terrible after the run, and for the next few days after that also terrible. That explains the late blog post.

This year run's route was abit different due to the constuction at the Marina Bay area for the IR. We got a more scenic route this time round with the route running pass the Singapore Flyer (got a good all round view if you are not too tired), pass one of the F1 track places (where there are a lot of Ferrari's on display). The part where we got to run up the expressway to the Rochor Exit was simply painful and long.

My running shoe of 3 years finally gave its last during the run, the sole gave way while I was running and it's not just one side of the shoe but both and some more the same piece of sole from each side. So if you are along the expressway going towards Rochor exit or if you are near the F1 are (where there are currently lots of Ferrari's parked there now) and see a piece of shoe sole, it's probably mine.

Anyway for those that are interested my timing was 1 hr 7 mins give and take abit :).

Anyone game for 21km next year?

Here's a video on how to tie your shoe laces correctly.