Just got my newest toy a ASUS EEE PC 1000H last sitex. Chuck away the Win XP and installed Ubuntu EEE.

Will write about my experience with the EEE soon, but first for those people who have another computer at home using windows and would like to share their data out to their EEE which is on
Linux. This is the post for you.

Share out the Windows Drive
First share out the Windows Drive (Here I am using Windows Vista, Win XP is about the same)

Put in the share name.

Make sure that you give enough permissions for people to access.

Install SAMBA

sudo apt-get install smbfs

Use smbclient to list out the drives that are shared on your windows machine. You need to know your IP for you windows box.

smbclient -L

Next to mount the drives.

Create the mount point.

Then use the following command to mount the drives.

smbmount \\\\ \\

Yes you are correct 4 \ for the first part and 2 for the second. This is due to in Linux and Unix \ has a special meaning so you need 2 \ to mean 1 \. So to Linux it actually sees it as \\.