Read in the Straits Times (Lifestyle) today that parents are leaving their kids at book stores while they go and do their shopping, facial etc etc etc, and its increasing prevalent during the school holidays that are happening now.

I don't really think that the phenomenon is only restricted to the book stores, I think Toy shops, or even the toy section of many department stores are also becoming mini kids drop off.

If you read the article, you will see that the store workers sometimes need to entertain to these kids (like having to bring them to toilet, some even did it in the store), some destroy books, some take sticker books; tear out the stickers stick them nicely in the book for the next person to buy so he/she no need to stick anymore (what a mouthful haha).

I mean is it that hard just to spend a week with your kid while he/she is free from school? Is it that urgent that the parents have to do their "important" stuff that week. Have we become so busy that they can't spend time with their kids when they go out together? It's just plain weird to me.

Like going to a department store, shouldn't the parent also spend sometime in the toy section to see what the child likes nowadays, see what his interests are?(Besides playing computer games and reading comics).

Anyway I am no parent (as of now), but I do hope that when I have time to go out with my kid I will not leave him/her alone someplace so that I can enjoy myself. But rather I would want him to enjoy himself/herself.