Happy birthday to Lego,Happy birthday to Lego ...

Lego turns 50 today! I think many of us will have fond memories of those small bricks and panels where if we have enough we could built almost whatever we wanted. Never mind if they are a mishmash of different colors cause we don't have enough of the correct color. They were still fun to play around. When a new idea comes, all the bricks are undone and a new creation is born again.

I still have some of the Theme sets like Sabre Island from Lego Pirates and a Camouflaged Output from the Castle Series from Lego

Legos were certainly loads of fun. I hope kids nowadays still play with Lego though.. much better than some computer games and certainly environmentally friendlier.

Haha I still hanker for some Lego though, espcially those from the Star Wars range, if someone is kind enough a Mindstorms NXT kits would be nice !

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