Anyway my latest Youtube fetish revolves around watching Survivorman ! However today after work, i looking forward to watching another episode of it, they were all taken down liao!

Just a small intro, Survivorman is this guy call Les Stroud, who goes to places like the swamp, desert and so on and tries to survive with what he has (which is usually very little) for seven days.

The interesting thing is that he has no camera crew so he to carry about 20kg of camera equipment so that he can film himself. He usually tries out some new survival equipment like wire saw, flint and so on.

Think i may need to buy the DVD from ebay, since i really can't find the show in shops in Singapore. I surfed around and found that it probably cost around 28USD shipping included.

Anyway for those who are reading this, if you guys saw the dvd anywhere leave me a note will ya!