Just watched this lovable movie with my fiancee yesterday. Well the main gist is that there is a girl (Giselle) and a Prince (Edward) who are suppose to meet each other and have a happy ever after, however as usual there is an evil queen who is also the step mother of Edward who plots to get rid of her so that she can still be queen.

Without giving away too much somehow she manages to come to New York, and meet with a Lawyer Robert and his daughter Morgan who takes her in. Edward and Pip comes along to find her and bring her back. And of course the evil Queen does makes an appearance to stop them all.

Overall the show is a typical Disney movie (think along the lines of Cinderella and Sleeping beauty) where there are talking animals/animals seem to do housework/happy endings but in this show there are certain interesting differences.

There is a great musical number in the park which reminds me of when i was at Hong Kong Disney land where they had a street parade going on and all these people are dancing and singing.

Credit has to be given to Amy Adams (Giselle) and James Marsden (Edward)for they way they portray chracters out of a fairy tale. Unfortunately Patrick Dempsey who played the "real" life character of Robert Phillip was abit too dead, even when he is in danger of being thrown off/ eaten by a dragon wasn't too convincing.

Overall a good movie to watch but i think people of my age might find it a bit too childish. Hey I'm a child at heart !

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