For those who use Google Calendar and Google Map there is a Where column, where you are able to put in the address and use Google Map to find the location. But for us in Sunny Singapore, it dosen't seem to work too well, you can't just put "Esplanade" and it gives you the Singapore Esplanade so how?

There are a few ways to make it work better.

  • Put the word Singapore behind the location name,
    • For example "Esplanade Singapore"
  • If you are using Street Address like "123 Jalan Kayu #12-1209 Singapore 123456" Just take the first part and append Singapore to the back of it.
    • For example "123 Jalan Kayu Singapore"
    • If you put the whole thing in Google Maps can't find it.
  • Go to and search for the location and copy the lat and long into the address field. Remember to remove the two words Lat and Long.
    • For example "1.234 103.456"