Well it was sort of a quiet chirstmas for me this year like every other year haha did nothing really exciting.

Last saturday went to Orchard to take pictures of the light up along the road, somehow didn't feel too chirsmassy to me. For the facade of most buildings, the decorations were merely strings of lights hanging around. Although i didn't walk very far, only from Orchard MRT to the end of Takashimaya (It was drizzling that day). Somehow the decorations seems moody to me.

Monday was Christmas Eve (Yeah !) Went to work and watched a movie (The Brother's Grimm) as part of the waste time efforts of the welfare commitee. Anyway the show was not too bad.

Well for christmas my dear dear gave me a can of Jelly Beans and guess what ? A Jelly Bean Dispenser ! You know like the 'Tikam Tikam' Machine where u put in a coin and turn a lever. Yeah looks cool, haha i try to take some pictures and post here.