Hey all attend my first Software Developer type of Conference at the Sun Developer Days, although its a lot of fun (with free cds, free with Duke, free food, free t-shirt).

They talks were particularly interesting especially the techie types, for the sales type, i wasn't too interested, especially the one from Oracle who was trying to get people interested in something called Oracle Webcenter but i was quite distracted by his rapid marching around the stage and his droning voice and his overly complicated slides.

Nice things to note for Java fans,

Java 7 is looking better and better with more constructs and hopefully they will finalise and adopt something that looks like C# property types.

Phobos: U can take it as Javascript for the Server side (imagine writing servlets in JS, no need for compilation and rapid testing and depolyment)

Netbeans: Quite a bit of time was spent on how Netbeans can help u in ur developement, impressive was the GUI editor for Netbeans, looks faster and easier then handwriting ur own GUI code.