Nope this post is not going to be gross or EEEEEEE haha. Rather i went with my dear, to Engaged Encounter, a catholic church run Marriage Preperation Course or (MPC) as it is known in Singapore.

It starts on a Friday evening and end on a Sunday late afternoon or evening. Well so wat do we do there? Lets just say i cant divulge too much due to the vow of secrecy that the weekend organisers made all of us take. So as not to spoil the fun for the rest of the people.

To be honest i wasnt too keen as nowwhere it is stated what they were doing during the 2 days ++ that we were suppose to be there. But after being there i found it a useful course for learning about marriage life what are the challenges and so on. And the way the disucssion with ur partner is being conducted is quite novel.

You might think that u have talked frankly with ur future wife/husband on many of the issues that u might enounter and belive that love will conquer all ur difficulties but sometimes life is not so simple afterall.

So i will definately encourge all couples who are taking the next step to seriously consider taking some MPC in one form or another so as to be better prepare urself for the next big step in ur life together.

Anyway abit about the history can be found here. And the singapore website is here.