Whao its been almost a month since i last posted, shows how boring my life is anyway.

Today being teachers day celebration in most of school in singapore, and i being a nice student (haha... long time ago), took leave and met up with some of my Sunday morning breakfast club friends to visit my Secondary school teacher, Mrs Tan. Its been 10yrs since i left Holy Innocents High... feel like old man liaoz....

After went down to Comex 2006 at the expo to look around for some Blank Cd and Dvds, well most of the prices of Cd and Dvd Rs differ by most 1-2 dollars so u decide whether the difference matters to u, Memory card prices generally are cheaper (Saw a Kingston 1 Gig SD for 29).

Most of the Major brands are represented, Creative, Mac and so on.... even Headphones manufacturer are there like Sennheiser and Audio Technica.

Lots of speakers are there cheap too $20 bucks can get u 2 10watts speakers and a woofer. (Probably its time to change my almost 8years Altec Lansing Speakers that i am begining to find wanting after the comex visit).

This years exhibition took up like 3 halls in expo, and as promised in the papers the walkways are bigger. Although i went during the afternoon, there was already quite a crowd there, so for those that are going on Sat or Sun, think no matter how big they make the walkway it gonna be crowded as usual.