Been through 2 interviews, hai... think no chance one. Well another one tomorrow, lets pray for the best.

Well the important thing i feel is to keep your spirits up during job hunting don't start getting too depressed that's bad. Do your job hunt but also at the same time plan some time to do the things that you probably don't have time for.

Anyway to occupy my time, i have been working on a Mindmap software for the Pocket PC. Still got quite a few more stages to go before it can work minimally though. Can already add some nodes to it, move the nodes around. Implement a file saving routine and some edit and delete functions and i think it can be used (abit in a quite ugly way). On the left is what it looks like. Also have been trying to do up my photography website to put some of my portfolio on it. And i am attending my school St John Camp from this sat to next tue.

For those looking for a free mindmapping software for the PC, there is quite a good one call FreeMind. It runs on Java so u need to have the Java runtime in your PC, it's portable; so u can run it on Linux and Mac. It offers auto formating and the nodes readjust themselves automatically, pretty good piece of software highly recommend if you need a mind mapping software. Remember to download the one with all the plugins so that you can export to PDF, HTML even.

8 Days till I am officially jobless, any Kang tao !?!?!