Well it's has been long since i last been down to Chinatown during the Chinese New Year season. So I decided to go down today and take some pics.

As usual the Singapore weather today was HOT HOT HOT! Was sweating the whole time i was there. Lots of stalls and lots of people selling and people buying. Guess the most popular store was the Lin Chee Yuan Bak Kua stall, the queue was like a snake all the way round the street. Really pity the Bak Kua stall nex to it, pretty quiet. When it comes to the good stuff, Singaporeans are all to ready to queue and wait.

Also saw lots of photographer walking around, haha some were carrying so much equipment i thought they were going to to war.

I just had my D70 with kits lens and started to snapping away, didn't take much though. (Sun was hot, light wasn't too good). Probably should pop down during the evening time and think about evening/night photography.

Anway just to tell the consumers down there, walk around abit before buying things, price difference can be quite substantial!

Happy Chinese New Year !