Well its been a few days later than i actually wanted to post this, haha been feeling abit lazy lately.

The event happen last Thus, the second day after i came back from mt Tioman trip. I finished jogging in punggol park in the evening and was just doing some sit ups (haha IPPT haven pass lah). When i just looked up at the sky and just thought to myself..... wat a wonderful world (haha sound like some song right).

But really lying down on that sit up bench, looking up into the sky really did make me feel good and makes u feel how wonderful the world is. Perhaps it's that most of the time we just look ahead to the things in front of us and just missed out on how to look at the world around us from another point of view. (I've tried looking at just the ground, just dosen't have the same effect haha).

So the next time u are feeling down, wait for the evening lie down on a nice place and just look up to the heavens.